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Offering fast and reliable Wireless Internet and Phone Service


NKTelco Wireless is an “always on” state-of-the-art connection



NKTelco Wireless Internet & Digital Phone Service from NKTelco! We are your West Central Ohio alternative for fast and reliable wireless internet and phone service. Eliminate frustrations associated with slow dial-up with out dedicated high speed connections.

NKTelco Wireless is an “always on” state-of-the-art connection that is ready when you are. It does not tie up your phone line either! It’s easy! Give us a call and make the switch today. We’ll take care of the rest!

Call today and find out how much you can save with either a

Download up to 512 kbps
Upload up to 128 kbps

$ 31.95 Mo.

Download up to 256 kbps
Upload up to 128 kbps

$ 27.95 Mo.

Download up to 2 meg
Upload up to 512 kbps

$ 47.95 Mo.

Download up to 1 meg
Upload up to 512 kbps

$ 35.95 Mo.

Download up to 3 meg
Upload up to 512 kbps

$ 59.95 Mo.